Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are the most commonly used gasket for high temperature and pressure service combinations. They can be manufactured in various metals depending on the operating temperature, media, and compatibility. The principle construction requires the use of alternate plies of “chevron” V shaped metal wire with soft non-metallic filler to offer optimum performance. This design generates excellent recovery properties to maintain an effective seal. These are made in accordance to ASME B16.20 latest edition, ASME B16.5, and ASME B16.47 flanges.

Spiral Wound Gasket Styles



Style S (is a spiral wound gasket that is fabricated by) utilizing the metal wire along with soft non-metallic filler. This style does not incorporate the use of an inner and outer ring. Suitable for tongue and groove, male and female, or grooved to flat face flange assemblies 



Style GS are comprised of the metal wire with designated filler incorporating the use of a solid metal outer ring. The outer guide ring promotes the proper centering of the gasket in a standard flange, offers radial support for the outer portion of spiral wound, and acts as compression gauge to prevent over compression of the spiral wound. These are typically supplied in mild carbon steel, and can be changed to another metal dependent upon service conditions. 



Style GSI are same as our Style GS with the only difference being an additional inner ring. Just like the outer ring, the inner ring serves multiple functions as well. This allows for radial support for the inner portion of the spiral wound, help prevent inward buckling, and helps to provide uniform gasket stress.



Style GSI-LL are fabricated to provide an effective seal at moderate or lower seating stresses. This design requires lighter bolt loads to seal and still have the recovery of a Style GSI. The GSI-LL is typically used in 150# and 300# class flanges where there is concern regarding insufficient bolt loads. We utilize the latest technology to electronically control and calibrate densities to meet almost any requirement.



Style GSI-HF gaskets are designed for highly corrosive applications, such as Hydrofluoric Acid (HF). This style offers the advantage of having double sealing design which occupies all the space from the bore of the pipe to the outer diameter of raised face flanges. The spiral wound can be fabricated to the customers specifications. Typically, we will use either Kammprofile Carbon Steel (Teflon Coated) or Monel Inner ring faced with Graphite or PTFE. This Kammprofile Inner ring is affixed to the “special” spiral wound. The GSI-HF gaskets are designed to inhibit corrosion resistance, especially in HF service.



Style GSI-HTG are GSI spiral wound design for higher temperature applications. The winding construction is made up of a Mica and APX2 Graphite configuration. The combination of the two materials provides oxidization and corrosion resistance (Mica) along with the excellent “sealability” of APX2 Graphite. The Mica filler along with the metal serve as internal or external oxidation barriers between for the APX2 Graphite.