Double Jacketed Metal Gaskets

The metal jacketed gaskets are fabricated with a metallic shell with a soft filler material encapsulated between the metals in overlapping fashion. 3S – Superior Sealing Services stocks many exotic alloys and fillers to quickly manufacture these in custom sizes and shapes dependent upon the customers application. Double Jacketed gaskets are still the most commonly used gaskets in heat exchangers.  These can be made to virtually any size, shape, and configuration. Another gasket in this family would be Solid Metal Core with or without soft sealing material on both sides. The Solid Metal gaskets require sizable clamping force to seat, and it is always good practice to choose softer or same material as flange in order to prevent damage to flange faces.

Double Jacketed Gasket


Style DJH (Double Jacketed Heat Exchangers)

Style DJH are custom made to order double jacketed construction gaskets mainly for heat exchangers, boilers, and other vessels. These are made to order with usually drawing or all dimensional and construction data specified. Our Technical Group can assist in choosing the proper alloys and filler materials if unsure. Please go to our website or request a Superior Sealing Service Heat Exchanger Shape Chart.

Style DJHC – (DJ Heat Exchanger Corrugated)

Style DJHC are fabricated in the exact same manner as our Style DJH, with the exception of the outer metallic shell being corrugated. This style can also be faced with soft sealing filler if requested to meet lower bolt load or other applicational requirements.