CMG- Corrugated Metal Gaskets

3S – Superior Sealing Services CMS and CMH range of gaskets are fabricated using the latest technology to enable excellent recovery during thermal cycles. The core is usually made of Corrugated Metal from a wide range of alloys with soft sealing material facing on both sides. All CMS and CMH styles are designed to promote exceptional performance for applications involving extreme thermal cycling and flange joint relaxation. These are primarily used in 150# and 300# class flanged assemblies. The corrugated core along with soft facing sealing materials can be custom engineered for each application.



CMG with graphite facings can be used in standard piping up to Class 300lb and on small to large heat exchangers. It is seen as a good replacement for Double Jacketed gaskets where leaks have occurred.



CMG-PTFE (EPTFE) can offer a great sealing solution in aggressive media applications where a conventional PTFE sheet could creep and extrude.



CMG-FG-PTFE (EPTFE) is a good solution where aggressive chemicals are present but the application requires fire safe properties.



CMG-HTG offers good recovery when thermal contraction and expansion in the flange assembly occurs. CMG-HTG can also be used at higher temperatures and in oxidizing environments because of the Mica sealing layers on the inner and outer diameters.