Kammprofile Gaskets

3S - Superior Sealing Services Kammprofile gaskets are manufactured with the best practices using the latest manufacturing technology. These are the preferred gasket of choice to maintain a tight seal for heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and other equipment that are subjected to excessive thermal cycling. Kammprofile gaskets are constructed with concentrically serrated solid metal core faced on both sides with the correct flexible sealing material depending upon the application. These are commonly specified to improve performance where lower gasket seating stresses are required for an effective seal. This design limits the movement of the sealing material within the serrations while the solid metal core provides blowout resistance and firmness for ease of installation.




 Style KP-1 are constructed with solid serrated core only for use in confined spaces, male and female, tongue and groove, or recessed flange compositions. These are most commonly found in heat exchanger flanges as upgrade from double jacketed or solid metal where lower bolt load is required. 



 Style KP-2 are fabricated similar to KP-1, except with an integral outer guide ring to assist in proper alignment on flange facing. This gasket is recommended for raised face or flat face mating flanges.  



 Style KP-3 are very similar to our KP-2 with minor difference of utilizing a loose-fitting guide ring for alignment. This design is used in place of KP-2 where thermal expansion is encountered. 




KP-1-2 & 3 are all available with our HTG sealing layers, the inner section of the sealing element is mica, the middle section is APX2 Graphite, the outer section again is mica. The mica inner and outer sealing rings act as an oxidation shield for the APX2. Enabling this design to operate up to a maximum temperature of 1500 Deg F (815 Deg C).